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Ant Wars is a real time strategy game (RTS) where you control an ant colony and must defeat the evil human worshiping "Humants"! They have set up giant gold statues pledging their allegiance to the humans and the true ants have declared war against them, you must help bring an end to this human worshiping madness.

You are in charge of foraging food and expanding your tunnel system to grow a large colony, mining minerals and creating scientists to researching upgrades for your colony, building towers and large super ants to protect your colony, and creating a grand army to crush the Humants! Become a kings of insects, command your colony to grow into an army, and crush the Humants in this ant war!

--- PATCH 2.1 (Is now out!) ---
- Campaign 2, with multiple new game types
- More upgrades
- Music added
- Numerous small improvements and bug fixes

--- FEEDBACK ---
I hope you enjoy my game!
Comments, Feedback, Bugs? Please email me at:

-- MUSIC --
All music by DST (

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